Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS

I love to eat.

I mean really love it. Fresh-baked bread. Creamy, soft, farmer’s cheese. A red, ripe tomato. Chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth. Handmade pasta topped with truffle butter. A juicy steak right off the grill. I believe your diet should be defined by what you eat—not what you can’t.

This wasn’t always the case. Growing up as an athlete, I never gave a thought about what foods I put in my mouth—and I had the diet of a typical teenager. That all changed when I stopped playing sports and began to pack on the pounds. I struggled with what to do, eventually fixating on calories, grams of fat, and the amount of food I was eating. I became obsessive about food. I was unhappy, unbalanced, and no longer myself.

Everything changed when I took a course in biology. Reading a chapter on digestion, I had an “ah-hah” moment as I learned how what you eat affects everything in your body. This discovery also encouraged me to begin working out at a local gym. For the first time since I started “dieting,” I suddenly felt leaner, stronger, and more fit—and I was eating more than I ever had! The experience spurred me to go on to study nutrition and exercise science, and I haven’t looked back since.

As a busy New Yorker and lover of all things food, I know how difficult it can be to find a balance between health, work, family, travel, and your social life. I aim to help you feel empowered to overcome your obstacles and become the best, healthiest version of yourself. I believe in the importance of whole, colorful, real foods—foods that taste good and nourish your body. I incorporate balance and mindfulness training into my coaching sessions, helping you reconnect with the feeling of eating a delicious meal without depriving yourself. I experience great joy and excitement around food. I want you to experience it, too. My goal is to positively transform lives, as I have transformed my own.

Yours in food & health,

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Alissa is a nationally recognized Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in New York City. Having started her career working in clinical nutrition at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Alissa quickly saw the long-term effects that poor nutrition and physical inactivity could have on the body. After working for six years with critically ill adults, she developed Alissa Rumsey Nutrition & Wellness Consulting to help others improve their health and wellbeing, helping people create a positive, sustainable relationship with food and exercise.

Alissa helps people who are frustrated with dieting rediscover the joy of eating, learn to honor their hunger and fullness cues, and trust themselves around food again. Through guided nutrition coaching, intuitive and mindful eating behaviors, personalized meal planning, and weekly support she helps people develop long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits. As a freelance writer, speaker and spokesperson, she consults with a variety of companies helping to curate effective nutrition content and messaging. Alissa’s expertise is regularly featured on television, online, and in print—she is renowned for her ability to make the science of nutrition accessible. She writes for US News and World Report and frequently appears in national media including NBC Nightly News, ABC News, Prevention, Health, SELF and Women’s Health. She is a former spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2014-2017) and won the 2017 Media Excellence Award from the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Alissa earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Exercise Science from the University of Delaware and completed her Dietetic Internship at the University of Connecticut. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Health Communications from Boston University.

In her spare time, Alissa can be found running in Central Park, traveling to far-off countries, and, as a self-proclaimed “foodie,” exploring the expansive New York City food and restaurant scene.

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Alissa also works with people being fed through feeding tubes – visit Blenderized Diet Consulting for more information.

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