Today’s the day. It’s the day you commit to ditching the diet for good. Registration is now open for my FREE Ditch the Diet Challenge – it all starts September 10th. In this weeks blog, I’ll discuss how to know if this challenge is right for you, what you’ll get if you join and what you’ll learn from the challenge. Read more below!

The Ditch the Diet Challenge

Every single day we are inundated with messages on TV, in our social media feeds, in magazines and ads about dieting, weight loss and all that is wrong with our bodies. This is because we live in a Diet Culture – a society that tells us that our body size and the foods we choose to eat reflect our worth as a person. Eating “bad” foods and embracing your body (no matter what it’s size) makes you a bad person while eating “good” foods and trying to diet down to a smaller size is seen as virtuous. We live in a culture where thinner is better and where guilt is the primary emotion associated with food.

I’m on a mission to change that.

Which is why I created the Ditch the Diet Challenge. I want to help you get out of the dieting cycle and instead learn how to tune into what your body is telling you. Only YOU have the unique wisdom to know what your body needs. It may have been drowned out by years of dieting or being in/around diet culture (which is basically impossible to avoid!) – where other people tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat, when to eat, how to eat, etc. But your inner wisdom, or intuition, is still in there.

My goal is to help you kick dieting and diet culture to the curb, uncover your inner body wisdom and learn how to eat without meal plans, portion guides, food lists or calorie counting. It’s time to enjoy eating again!

The Ditch the Diet Challenge Is For You If…

  • You’re tired of counting calories and tracking your food on apps
  • You’re sick of allowing the scale to dictate how you feel
  • You don’t feel happy in your own skin and want to feel good in your body
  • You struggle to enjoy social situations because you’re worried about food
  • You want to be part of a like-minded community who share similar struggles and goals
  • You’re ready to stop second-guessing your food choices
  • You want to stop thinking of foods as “good” or “bad”
  • You’re using food to cope with emotions (& want to learn a better way)
  • You feel guilty after eating foods deemed “bad” or “off limits”
  • You don’t want food to have control over you anymore

Can you relate to any of these? I get it – I’ve been there too! Here’s the thing: not only is dieting not the solution, but it is the cause of many of the problems you see above. Not only do diets fail at making us thinner, but they can also make us unhealthier. Diets and the pursuit of weight loss cause preoccupation with food and our bodies, overeating and binging, lower self-esteem, distract from our other health goals, and can lead to disordered eating behaviors and eating disorders.

Ditch The Diet Challenge Official Checklist


What you get when you join the Ditch the Diet Challenge:

  • Daily emails, worksheets and reflection prompts
  • Access to a like-minded community and support via private Facebook group
  • Live Q&A and coaching sessions within the group
  • Daily share prompts and feedback

I created this free challenge because I want to share the message of intuitive eating and food freedom with everyone! I want people to know that it IS possible to feel better about food – to not have to micromanage what you eat; to not be either “on” or “off” the wagon; to eat what you want without feeling guilty or ashamed.

I designed this challenge as an introduction to intuitive eating, creating content, fillable worksheets, daily challenges and more – all to help you start to loosen the grip on dieting and the diet mentality and start to reconnect with your own body again.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to eat without dieting, counting calories or measuring portions
  • The science-backed reason why dieting doesn’t work
  • How to tune in to your hunger and fullness levels
  • The secret to ending overeating and binging
  • How to live a life where food no longer controls you

These are sustainable health and lifestyle habits that function as a way to learn to eat outside of the diet mentality. This challenge, and what you’ll learn from taking it, focuses on using your own internal hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues to guide eating choices. Here’s what some of the participants from the March challenge had to say.

What Others Are Saying About Ditch the Diet Challenge:

The first version of the Ditch the Diet Challenge happened back in the spring of 2018. Based on the tremendous response I received, I decided to run it again this fall. Here’s what some of the spring participants had to say:

“It was such an eye-opening experience!”

Christine J. New York, NY.

“I loved the structure of the daily guidance. The emails and worksheets helped me work through so many of my food and diet issues.”

Jessie M. Columbus, OH.  

“I immediately felt relief as soon as I started the challenge. I was able to start eating what I wanted without guilt or judgment for the first time in years.”

Tanya S. Tacoma, WA.

“I really enjoyed the Ditch the Diet Challenge. I have a long way to go, but I feel so free already!”

Monica B. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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