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5 Step Guide to Start Intuitive Eating, the Unapologetic Way

Download this free 5-step guide to get started with intuitive eating. It will help you break free from diet mentality, reconnect to your body cues, and build back body trust.

free 5 step guide to start intuitive eating

What’s inside?

  • What is intuitive eating and how does it work?
  • The truth about dieting and weight loss, including the reasons why dieting never works (hint: it’s not your fault!) and what you can do instead 
  • My top strategies to help you get started with intuitive eating so you can reconnect with - and trust - your inner body wisdom
  • How to figure out what it is you want to eat (even if you have absolutely no idea) 
  • The 4-steps to cultivating awareness and mindfulness in order to disrupt your negative thought patterns and self-critical voice
  • Reflection prompts, tips, and strategies to help unpack your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about food and your body

you’ll get a companion email series where I break down the 5 steps in the guide even further and share more information and suggestions on how to incorporate intuitive eating into your day to day life.


Learn how to start intuitive eating, the unapologetic way

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