You deserve to live your most authentic, unapologetic,

liberated life.

Through my courses, group programs
and one-on-one coaching,

I help people heal their relationship to food and their
body so they can stop dieting

and start living.

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Our culture has caged us.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that to be loved, accepted & valued in society, we must strive to be thin
(and young, beautiful, perfect).

This cage makes us lose sight of ourselves, to abandon our intuition, needs and desires. We spend our lives punishing ourselves and trying to make ourselves smaller to comply with society’s expectations of what an “ideal” and a “good” body is. 

Getting out of this cage and rediscovering your true self starts by confronting and challenging your beliefs.

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Because there is nothing wrong with you or your body - there’s a problem with our culture. 

I help you unpack and question everything society has taught you so that you can find your way back to your body, your inner wisdom, and yourself. 

Because true freedom and liberation come from rejecting all of the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” to find – and trust – who you really are deep inside.


Here’s how you can

work with me:

A self-paced online course to help you get free from dieting and heal your relationship to food and your body, so you can eat and live on your own terms.

My team and I provide virtual 1:1 non-diet nutrition therapy, body image healing, and body liberation coaching to help you heal your relationship with food and find lasting peace, balance, health (however you define that), and - ultimately - freedom.

A nine-month food and body liberation group coaching program for people who are ready to come home to themselves, build self-trust, reconnect to their intuition, and reclaim their body and their inherent self-worth. We’ll do this work collectively, in community.

Through our work you will go through the process of rewiring, reconnecting, and reclaiming, so you can get free and live your biggest, most beautiful life.