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Image with the text 5 Ways to End the Binge Restrict Cycle written on it

5 Ways to End the Binge Restrict Cycle

By Alissa Rumsey | November 30, 2023

The binge-restrict cycle consists of alternating phases of limiting food intake (restriction), followed by eating large quantities of food (binge eating). This cycle can be distressing and cause a lot of guilt and shame. If you’ve experienced this cycle, you are not alone! Keep reading to learn why this cycle occurs and 5 things you…

mindful eating reflection exercises

38 Intuitive Eating Journal Prompts

By Alissa Rumsey | October 30, 2023

Use these intuitive eating journal prompts to gain a better understanding of your relationship with food and your body, your history with food, and goals to guide your intuitive eating process. Intuitive eating is a non-diet, self-care approach to nutrition, health, and well-being that helps you make decisions based on your body’s inner wisdom instead…

Why am I not hungry?

Why Am I Not Hungry?

By Alissa Rumsey | July 27, 2023

You have started on your intuitive eating journey, but lately, you have been feeling stuck.  You know you are supposed to be listening for signals from your body to let you know it’s time to eat, but the only thing you hear is a voice in your head asking, “why am I not hungry?”  Read…

joyful movement ideas

Joyful Movement: How to Find Exercise You Like

By Alissa Rumsey | July 17, 2023

If you’re like many people, you may have a love-hate (or a hate-hate?) relationship with exercise. Joyful movement is a way to shift your perspective on exercise so that you can go from feeling like exercise is a chore or something you “should” do, to something you look forward to and perhaps even enjoy doing.…

A photo of a person holding a piece of bread with a sad face drawn on it, with the words what to do if you're hungry but nothing sounds good

What to Do If You’re Hungry But Nothing Sounds Good

By Alissa Rumsey | June 19, 2023

Many things can impact your appetite and there are several reasons why you are hungry, but don’t feel like eating. Continue reading to learn more, plus 5 tips to try when you’re hungry but nothing sounds good. Why does nothing sound good? There are a few reasons why we can be hungry and still nothing…

A women with a wide smile is having an ice cream cone with a friend. The image is next to text that reads "Should you eat only when hungry?"

Should You Eat Only When Hungry?

By Alissa Rumsey | June 12, 2023

One of the common questions people have as they begin their intuitive eating journey and become more attuned to their hunger cues is whether they should eat only when they are hungry. (Spoiler alert: the answer is no!). Continue reading to understand why there are many reasons you might eat, aside from just hunger, and…

White background with a photo of two bowls of food and the text 'Why do I feel guilty after eating'

How to Stop Feeling Guilty After Eating

By Alissa Rumsey | June 5, 2023

Feeling guilt after eating is normalized, but it’s not “normal”. It’s possible not to feel that way and to have eating be more of a neutral (and enjoyable) experience. Read on to learn more about why you may feel food guilt as well as four steps to help you to stop feeling guilty after eating. …

what is body checking and how do I stop - A person stands with the back of their legs reflected in a mirror with the words How to stop body checking

How to Stop Body Checking

By Alissa Rumsey | October 31, 2022

Body checking – the compulsively scrutinizing, monitoring, and/or tracking of your body’s weight, size, or shape – can make it really difficult to move away from diet culture, listen to your body, and recover from disordered eating or an eating disorder. Read on to learn how to stop body checking, including 3 steps to reduce…

intuitive eating weight loss

Can You “Do” Intuitive Eating and Still Want to Lose Weight?

By Alissa Rumsey | July 13, 2022

This is probably one of the most common questions I get: if I want to lose weight, can I still practice intuitive eating? It’s completely understandable if there is still a part of you hoping for weight loss and you can still use intuitive eating even if there’s a part of you that wants to…

Alissa Rumsey certified intuitive eating counselor new york

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