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how to look at photos of yourself and not feel badly

How To Look at Photos of Yourself Without Feeling Like Crap

By Alissa Rumsey | January 24, 2022

If you feel stress, anxiety, sadness, or shame when you see photos of yourself, you’re not alone. Read on to learn how to stop hating photos of yourself – including 7 steps and reflection prompts for you to try next time looking at a photo sends you into a shame/self-criticism spiral. If you feel stress,…


How to Find “Comfortable” Fullness

By Alissa Rumsey | December 20, 2021

If you frequently find yourself being uncomfortably full after meals, you are not alone. Here are my top tips to help you stop eating when full, so you can find comfortable fullness and naturally feel “done” eating – no control or force needed. “My problem is that I just can’t stop eating when I’m full.”…

finding the gray area with intuitive eating - text next to a photo of a woman journaling

How to Challenge All-or-Nothing Thinking

By Alissa Rumsey | December 9, 2021

Part of unlearning diet culture involves challenging binary, all-or-nothing, thinking. Humans tend to live in the binary – good/bad, always/never, right/wrong – and diet culture plays right into that. But all-or-nothing thinking doesn’t allow space for growth, curiosity, or change. Read on to learn more about the problem with binary thinking and how to challenge…

non-diet self-care gifts

Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide 2021

By Alissa Rumsey | December 7, 2021

I’ve put together this self-care holiday gift guide: a list of my favorite clothing items, artwork, tools, and entertainment. Use this guide as you shop for your loved ones (or even yourself)! Often when people hear the word self-care, they picture a luxurious massage or treating themselves to a mani-pedi. While yes, it can be…


The Science Behind Why Diets Don’t Work

By Alissa Rumsey | December 3, 2021

Each year, more than 50% of American adults try to lose weight. The diet industry in the United States makes more than $70 billion per year. (Yes, that is billion.) Yet research shows that diets don’t work: 90 to 97% of people who lose weight through dieting will regain it back within two to five…

Intuitive Eating Q&A Part 5

Intuitive Eating Q&A: Part 5

By Alissa Rumsey | October 22, 2021

Part 5 of this Intuitive Eating Q&A series addresses more intuitive eating questions about whether we need a “sugar detox,” size privilege for fat folk, and enjoying sex in larger bodies. Check out my answers and tips below! In Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this Q&A series, I addressed topics…

anti diet support group options

How to Choose an Anti-Diet Support Option

By Alissa Rumsey | October 18, 2021

There are many non-diet or anti-diet options available to support you in moving away from dieting and coming back to intuitive eating, unapologetic eating, and body liberation. This post will lay out some different anti-diet support options to help you figure out whether one-on-one coaching or an intuitive eating group program (or a combination of…

The Truth About Health & Weight

The Truth About Health and Weight

By Alissa Rumsey | October 12, 2021

We’ve often been told that higher weights cause certain diseases, which has led most public health messaging to focus on ‘weight loss’ as the way to improve health. In reality, there is no evidence to support that weight causes diseases…so why have we been told this? Read on to learn the truth about health and…

Best Books on Body Image

Best Books on Body Image: My Favorite Food Freedom and Body Liberation Books

By Alissa Rumsey | September 22, 2021

Are you on your path to understanding your relationship with food and body and are looking for more information and different perspectives? Or are you looking to dive deeper into these subjects? I’ve compiled a list of these best books on body image, food freedom, and body liberation to help support you on your journey…

Alissa Rumsey certified intuitive eating counselor new york

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