Praise for Alissa

Nutrition Coaching

“My primary care physician recommended working with a registered dietitian to lose weight. Alissa and I grew up in the same area and, after following her on social media, I was so impressed with the trajectory of her career and how well-regarded she was as a nutrition professional. I also appreciated that she was willing to provide remote consultations, which made her very accessible. In the first three months of working with Alissa, I lost about 14 pounds. I feel confident that I am on my way to smartly and progressively losing more weight. Alissa’s targeted meal plans and exercise plans guided and inspired me. I needed a professional to take the guesswork out of wading through recipe and exercise blogs, and I was confident that her meal suggestions were balanced and evidence-based. I have incorporated new activities into my exercise routine and understand the importance of varying those activities. Alissa’s method for keeping a food and exercise log is also very effective and knowing that she would be looking at my records kept me accountable and honest. I would highly recommend Alissa’s services because she gives scientifically sound advice that is not based on fads, hearsay, or marketing schemes. During our consultations, Alissa was always positive, honest, and forward-thinking. I can tell that Alissa has a passion for helping and learning, which boosts her credibility and creativity.”

—Erin K. Washington D.C.

“I came to Alissa looking for a meal plan to help boost my energy and immunity, and to lose weight. I had put on weight from mindlessly snacking and not properly fueling my workouts. I was so impressed by how intuitive Alissa was even just in our short interactions. Alissa created a personalized meal plan for me, taking into consideration all of my favorite foods (including wine!).  In just the first month I could not believe how good I felt. My skin was the most immediate change and my energy level improved so much. Six months later, I can say Alissa’s plan has been life-changing. My cravings have almost totally disappeared, and my sleep and energy have been amazing. The meal plan included so much food, and I feel like I am eating much more, but I’ve actually been losing weight! My family and I loved the recipes, which included foods that I loved plus some new things that I had never tried before, but ended up loving.This has really been a freeing experience. I would highly recommend Alissa to anyone who is looking to build sustainable, healthy food habits.”

—Rebecca P. Annandale, VA

“I’ve always found losing weight to be so difficult that I end up giving up. I’ve tried fitness shake diets, calorie counting and other app-based programs. I always get excited but then it fizzles and I quit because of no results. I believe I have found the secret with Alissa. The combination of accountability and advice is something I’ve never had. On top of that, I have direct access to a world of knowledge about food and fitness. Stuff I never knew or knew how to discover. I now can develop a plan that is based in research. I make much wiser choices and I have a coach and accountability. I find myself wanting to be healthy, but also wanting Alissa to be proud of me. She has a great way of encouraging without babying or pestering me. It just feels good.

I actually look forward to the advice I will get, the things I will learn and most importantly, the results I will get. And I DO get them. Since working with Alissa I know so much more about what I should be doing, what I was doing wrong and the reasons behind these things. I have been consistently losing about a pound and a half per week as I head directly to my goal.

I’ve tried a lot of things, but I’ve never felt so empowered, enlightened or rewarded as I do now. If you are looking to LEARN to make better decisions, to be inspired to make them, and to see the results they will give you, then you NEED to partner with Alissa. The healthier, skinnier me guarantees it!”

—Derrick M. Atlanta, GA

“Best thing, I don’t feel like depriving myself, having to eat in a way that I can only do for a limited period of time, or having to count calories, nutrients. Frankly, I feel my focus shifted to eating more: e.g., what healthy fats or proteins I can add to meals to make sure that I don’t have to feel hungry. Thank you so so much, Alissa!”

—Sarah M.

“As someone who likes to eat out and is frequently on the go, I knew I needed help figuring out how to navigate my eating around my busy lifestyle. Alissa was perfect for this! With her guidance, I was able to develop a customized eating plan that was specifically designed to meet my needs. She is the perfect coach and balances encouragement with accountability. She is kind, motivational, and super responsive. I could always count on her to provide me with great recipe ideas and to review menus of restaurants I was interested in going to. I learned so much and gained skills that will sustain me for years to come. I highly recommend working with Alissa!”

—Michelle H. Connecticut

Speaking and Media

“Having managed professionals in healthcare for over thirty years, I consider Alissa to easily be in the top 5% of those that I have had the privilege to work with. Alissa is a committed life-long learner and has excellent skills as an educator. She takes her professional role seriously and is always evidence based in her practice of nutrition. Alissa has the drive and determination to achieve her goals. As well, her interpersonal skills allow her to connect and communicate easily with people.”

—Louise Merriman, MS, RD, CDN.
Director of Clinical Nutrition, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

“Alissa has a natural stage presence and demeanor; she is comfortable in front of a group, provides information in a positive manner and is approachable for questions.”

—Dorothy Wrase Hares, MA, RDN, CNSC, CDN
New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President 2013-14

“Alissa Rumsey is fantastic to work with and has undeniable charm, poise and grace when handling media interviews. I’ve worked with her on national, local and live television segments and no matter who is conducting the interview or where she is, Alissa keeps her cool and delivers insightful nutrition advice.”

—Linda Kamateh
Senior Media Associate, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

“Alissa combines evidence-based guidance that is combined with real-life scenarios as a health practitioner working with specific patients. This was my favorite session at the conference, and the information presented was something I was immediately was able to apply in my practice. Blenderized diets are becoming a bigger demand by patients and patient families. Therefore, it is essential that practitioners learn the latest in how this can be done in a safe and sustainable way that optimize our patient’s health outcomes.”

—Angela Lemond, RDN, CSP, LD
Founder and CEO, Lemond Nutrition
President, Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2016-17

“Alissa has an excellent and professional public appearance, and is comfortable in front of a live audience or on camera. She is articulate, organized, easily understood, and exhibits talent whether for a prepared presentation or when speaking extemporaneously. Alissa knows the science of nutrition and is not only well-respected dietitian, and credible, but also engaging. Alissa is flexible to meet aggressive deadlines, with a keen ability to adapt effectively to various personalities and situations. I have seen Alissa’s professional, media-savvy, nutrition knowledge, and enthusiasm shine during two social media trainings during our fall leadership retreat of the New York State Academy of Dietitians and Nutrition.”

—Barbara R Baron, MS, RDN, CDN
Past President and Public Relations Coordinator, New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics