What Our Clients Are Saying:

“My biggest fear was going back to the way I was (on and off diets and hating myself and my body) and I also feared causing these same food and body issues in my future children. After just a couple of months with Alissa, the guilt I had around food and eating had pretty much stopped. The voices of hatred over what I ate that day or feeling that there are “good” or “bad” foods all faded away pretty quickly. Giving myself permission to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, without judgment, was a huge accomplishment.  Alissa offered me a ton of wonderful advice from her many years of research on the topic. She was great at helping me through some difficult times in the process and handled my fears, questions, and uncertainties with words of wisdom and no judgement. I loved the way we navigated every step of the process together. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have been able to stay as strong as I did in the beginning of this without her help. She was integral in the process for me and I wouldn’t be where I am in this without her.”

—Megan in Montclair, New Jersey

“Before I worked with Alissa, I had been struggling with disordered eating for over 10 years. In my teens, it was a full-blown eating disorder, but even after I discovered intuitive eating many years ago, I still regularly went through the diet/binge cycle and used exercise as a weight-loss tool. Having read tons of books on intuitive eating, emotional eating, mindful eating, etc, etc, I considered myself an expert on the subject, but still couldn’t figure out how to make any of it work in my actual daily life. I was ready to resign myself to a lifetime of occasional binging, guilt and emotional pain around food and my body, but eventually decided to try working with someone trained in intuitive eating, just in case a miracle could happen. And it happened, indeed. Working with Alissa over the past 6 months was truly a transformative experience.  I never thought I would become a person who forgets to eat dessert, who eats half a donut and feels that it was enough, who keeps lots of chocolate in the house and forgets that it’s there. And yet here we are. Alissa is an extremely compassionate person, and she knows exactly what questions to ask and how to gently push you in the direction of slow, steady progress. She helped me get back to a place of joyful eating and exercise, and I am eternally grateful to her.”

—Gabriela in New York, NY

“Before starting this work, I had hated my body since childhood and had engaged in disordered eating behaviors since middle school. I wanted to finally learn how to eat “normally”, and be okay with my body without feeling the need to change it. I worked with Brenna for three months and am amazed by the progress I made in this short amount of time. Brenna gave me so many resources and support both during our sessions together and between sessions via email. Today, I have more trust in my body than I ever have and, although I can’t yet say that I love my body, I know that it is worth of love and care.”

—Lindsay A. in Dunbar, WV

“Thoughts around food and eating used to consume my life. Since working with Alissa, my obsession around food has faded. I know that food will always be available and I allow myself to eat what I want, when I want. It has been so freeing!”

—Ashley B. in Washington, D.C.

“Before starting to work with Brenna, I couldn’t keep any snack foods or sweet foods around because I would always just eat everything. I didn’t trust my body and so I just kept everything out of my house. Now just a few months later, I look around and I have all sorts of food in my house – ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, chips, pizza – and it’s all been there for weeks! Through this work, I’ve gotten to the point where it’s there, I know I can have it, but I often don’t want it. This has been such a huge shift.”

—Rachel P. in Columbus, OH. 

“I was super nervous after our sessions were over that I wouldn’t be ready to be on my own and that I would slip into old habits. But Alissa laid such a great foundation for me throughout our sessions on Intuitive Eating that I feel like I got this! For the first time in my life, I’m eating what I want to eat. For the first time in my life, I am not bingeing. For the first time in my life, I am working out because of how it makes my body feel. For the first time in my life, I’m not angry at myself when I go to bed. For the first time in my life, I am a nice person to myself! I owe so much of that to Alissa and this Intuitive Eating movement.”

—Diane C. in Minneapolis, MN

I started working with Alissa because the thought of going on another diet made me cry. I’ve tried every diet that exists only to gain more weight over time. The more I would restrict food the more binge eating I would do just to start the “diet cycle” all over again. I took “a leap of faith” with Alissa and it was the best decision I made for myself and for my future. I no longer binge eat, I allow myself to eat what I want, and I can recognize how specific foods make me feel a certain way. Working with Alissa has allowed me to truly enjoy life and focus on other things beside body size and food. I have better self-confidence and internal body awareness, and my stress levels are significantly lower on a day to day basis. Alissa was so easy to talk to and was able to help me work through each issue in a way I could have never done on my own or by reading a book or podcast. She is not only passionate about what she does, but she’s knowledgeable and has resources for each issue that you need to work through. I promise it’s worth investing this time on YOU and not worth trying to obsess over changing your body because that is not where happiness lies! Thank you, Alissa, for this experience I’m forever grateful!

—Jill C. in Rochester, NY

“Like many of us, I’ve struggled with my weight and was a slave to the scale. I was anxious and stressed all of the time and it took its toll on my relationships. Now I’ve finally let go of the notion that I have to be on a diet and lose weight to be happy and healthy. Food is no longer constantly on my mind, and I’ve come to accept my body. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back thanks to working with Alissa on this journey of intuitive eating.”

—Chelsea H. in La Jolla, CA

Giving myself unconditional permission to eat has significantly decreased my food cravings and binges. It’s now become normal to consider self-care and body kindness when it comes to my food and exercise choices and my mind is no longer filled with obsessive or negative thoughts. I truly haven’t felt better with my relationship with food. ”

—Cynthia L. in Westchester, NY

“Alissa has helped me realize that my preoccupation with food, restricting and binging, the guilt and shame I felt, all was not necessary. The problem wasn’t me – it was the diet industry itself. This is the happiest I’ve felt in years!

—Moriah O. in Arlington, VA

“One of my favorite aspects of working with Alissa was how comfortable it was. It felt like talking to a friend. I always felt that I could be open and honest because I knew she would not judge me. For once, I’m not being so hard on myself. It’s getting easier and easier to eat without guilt or second guessing my food choices. Because of my work with Alissa, I’m less anxious and my relationships to food, my body, and with other people have improved tenfold.”

—Sarah N. in Denver, CO

“My life used to be a constant cycle of restricting and binging. Since working with Alissa, I’m not binging like I used to. I actually now believe and trust that food is always available and I can trust myself to eat certain foods that used to trigger binging – but no longer do.”

—Kristen M. in Philadelphia, PA

“As a result of working with Alissa, I’ve finally found a work-life balance. I prioritize making my lunch in the morning rather than checking my emails. I was expecting to just become more in tune with my hunger and fullness cues, but I’ve gained so much more working with Alissa. For me, the process of intuitive eating has become intuitive living through Alissa’s program.”

—Sonia J. in Milwaukee, WI

“Ice cream used to be off limits for me. With Alissa’s guidance, I’ve allowed myself to finally have my once “forbidden” foods and the experience is glorious! Is food tasting better part of this? Taking out the guilt and anxiety really leaves room for taste!”

—Talia G. in Buffalo, NY

“I can’t believe I made it through the holiday season without stressing over food or binging. It was amazing to not feel the need to “start over” once the new year arrived. Alissa’s program helped me start the new year off in the right direction.”

—Taylor E. in San Diego, CA

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