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Unapologetic Eating

Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life

This book is about food and eating, but the real subject is unlearning, questioning everything, relearning, and—ultimately—transforming your life.

"This book delivers way more than it promises: it’s actually a guide to life and liberation, one bite at a time. Unapologetic Eating? More like unapologetic LIVING. In other words: I loved it. You will, too."

— Kelly Diels

Feminist marketing consultant, writer, and founder of
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About the Book

What would your life - and your world - look like if you felt comfortable, confident, and worthy in your here and now body?

If you could stop the endless pursuit of “fixing” - your weight, your body, your appearance, yourself - and allow yourself to just be?

Dieting disconnects us from our body’s wisdom and holds us back from living life to the fullest. The more time we spend trying to “fix” ourselves, the less time we have for the things that really matter.

In my book Unapologetic Eating, I share what I’ve learned from my own experience and through working with my clients: that our food behaviors (and our bodies) are not the problem, they are the symptom of deeper rooted societal issues.

Everything you think you “know” about food, appearance, body size, and more, is something you were taught at some point.

Everything you think you “know” about food, appearance, body size, and more, is something you were taught at some point. In Unapologetic Eating, I will walk you through unpacking and questioning everything society has taught you so that you can let go of dieting, make peace with food, and find your way back to your body, your intuition, and yourself. Using food as the entry point, the book helps you explore more about yourself, your beliefs, your values, and what you truly want out of life.

You will learn how to reconnect with your body and yourself using your relationship to food as the entry point—going from trying to “fix” or change yourself to unapologetic eating and finally to unapologetic living.

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I’ve broken down this process into four segments:

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Each step of the way I provide reflection prompts, practical exercise, and actionable tools you can use to learn how to confidently nourish yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You’ll learn how to make peace with food, improve your body image, trust your intuition, and reclaim the space

to eat and live unapologetically.


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This book is about food and eating, but the real subject is unlearning, questioning everything, relearning, and—ultimately—transforming your life.

“This is a wonderful and comprehensive resource for healing your relationship with food. Unapologetic Eating is going to help you honor your inner wisdom and find freedom. If you are sick of the exhausting diet cycle, read this book!“

Caroline Dooner

author of The F*ck It Diet
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Unapologetic Eating is more than just a book about intuitive
eating or food freedom:

it is a full on guide to liberation.

Which is why the book includes:

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Dozens of reflection tools and journaling exercises so you can go deeper and unpack your own history with food and your body.

Thought provoking prompts to encourage you to question everything you “know” about food, bodies and appearance so that you can figure out what the real truth is inside you.

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Practical tools and step-by-step suggestions on how to put the concepts into the book into practice, so you can not just read by actually do.

Personal stories, struggles, and triumphs from many of my clients.

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Detailed research about health, weight, nutrition, and eating behaviors for all of the people who love to nerd out on the science.

Acknowledgement of my own privilege and limitations as well as citations of the Black and Brown women of color and fat activists who have been in the trenches doing this work for decades.

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More Praise for

Unapologetic Eating:

“Eating is one of the great joys of life! But when diet culture makes you question every bite of food in the name of “health,” you need to take a complete 180. Rumsey’s Unapologetic Eating offers the science, stories, and tools to step you through the process of finding food freedom with kindness. She teaches you how to eat unapologetically by questioning everything you’ve believed and bring back a joyful relationship to food and your body.”

Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

Author of Body Kindness®

“A stunning portrayal of diet culture in the United States that doesn’t fail to speak honestly about the whiteness and thinness of the author herself. We need more white people being this explicit about the power and privilege they hold in this world and how they’re seeking to give power back that has been taken from BIPOC people through diet culture.”

McKensie Mack

Founder of McKensie Mack Group Anti-Oppression Consultant and Racial Justice Leader

“Wow! This book delivers way more than it promises. It’s actually a guide to life and liberation, one bite at a time. Unapologetic Eating? More like unapologetic LIVING. In other words: I loved it. You will, too.”

Kelly Diels

Feminist marketing consultant, writer, and founder of

“Unapologetic Eating is a brilliant and exceptionally well-researched read, an important and much-needed addition to the anti-diet space. Alissa Rumsey dives deep into the problematic history that’s fueled our modern diet culture, and it’s obsession with controlling women’s bodies and what they eat. With nuance, compassion, and humor, Alissa provides tools and practical advice to untangle ourselves from diet cultures’ web of deception, and truly make peace with food and our bodies.”

Rachael Hartley, RD

owner of Rachael Hartley Nutrition and author of Gentle Nutrition

“If you are tired of the endless pursuit of “fixing” your weight, shape, and/or physical appearance, then Unapologetic Eating is for you! This book both dismantles the colonialist roots of diet culture and provides practical tips for healing your relationship with food and your body. A must-read for anyone who is feeling trapped in diet culture and wanting to live a better and more fulfilling life– on their own terms.”

Jessica Jones MS, RD, CDE

Co-founder of Food Heaven and host of the Food Heaven Podcast

“Alissa Rumsey’s Unapologetic Eating is more than an exposé of the harmful shapeshifter that is diet culture. It is a practical tool to unlearn and ultimately heal from the faulty programming that causes us pain and confusion and a hands-on guide to reclaiming body trust and becoming truly embodied. The book’s sections touch on the myriad facets of body image and our relationship with food and then the reflection questions support readers to expose and understand their own unique thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors so that they can be examined, reframed, and reimagined to align with their true values.”

Jenna Hollenstein MS, RDN

author of Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life

“Alissa Rumsey brings both her rich personal experiences and professional expertise to the pages of Unapologetic Eating. Her four-phase framework is the multifaceted approach we need to understand the nuanced ways in which we are indoctrinated into diet culture, on both an individual and cultural level. Readers will walk away from these pages with tools, knowledge, and confidence that they can too start to eat unapologetically, and live unapologetically.”

Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD

owner of Street Smart Nutrition and author of Healthy Eating for Life: An Intuitive Eating Workbook to Stop Dieting Forever

“This is exactly the book that we need to take us from “huh?” to “aahhhh!” when it comes to navigating our relationship with food, eating, and our body. In Unapologetic Eating, Alissa has done a brilliant job of supporting us to unpack the suitcase, take a compassionate and curious look around, then re-pack it in ways that make sense to US. This will be a go-to on my bookshelf for sure.”

Fiona Sutherland

Director, The Mindful Dietitian and host of The Mindful Dietitian Podcast

What Readers

Are Saying

5 Stars

If you suspect that counting almonds can't possibly be the way to happiness, this book is for you!
“This book changed my life from the first chapter. If you've ever though that weighing and measuring and writing down every morsel of food you eat and tricking your body into believing it is not hungry when it very obviously is, was the only way to be happy, you may have fallen pray to the insidious diet culture that has sown itself into every fiber of this white supremacist patriarchal hellscape. There is a way out and you can start NOW. Do not wait. Your life is waiting for you! And you'll never count almonds again.”

Mackenzie Gordon

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

EVERYONE would reap benefits from reading this book! Utterly brilliant!
“This is the book I’ve been waiting for on this topic! Truly inspirational to an extent that is mind-boggling. I could not put it down. I have read many books on all of the topics regarding eating over decades. There has never been a book like this! Treat yourself to this book and you will not regret it! Best purchase I have made in a very very long time!”

Peace Finder

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“I wish this book was called Unapologetic Living because it does so much more than change your relationship to food and eating. This book completely transformed my relationship to food but even more so to my body. I've battled my relationship to my body my whole entire life so I would have laughed at you if you were to tell me a book could change that but it did. With the advice from the book, I just said out loud one day that I will no longer fight my body, that it can relax now. From that day forward, I haven't worried about the number on the scale and have been practicing to live more unapologetically in all areas of my life. I bought a copy for my mom and I hope it can help her with her lifelong struggles as well. I recommend this book to any human who has struggled with body image, eating, and living authentically.”

Jennifer Spencer

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

Powerful reading
“Unapologetic Eating is a must-read for those struggling with accepting their bodies and themselves and everybody else. Alissa explains everything beautifully and powerfully. As someone who has lived with an eating disorder for decades, I wish this book had been written years ago. It provides wisdom and comfort as well as concrete strategies for learning to love your body as it is right now.”


Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

The best book I’ve ever read
“Such an amazing book, it covers not just diet mentality / societal structure and oppression but also how to manage mindfully as you navigate through intuitive eating but also improving self worth. Really great advice, examples and the author is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject. 100/10. Will be one of those books that gets read and re-read over and over again.”


Amazon UK Reviewer
5 Stars

Even if you’re not ready to stop dieting, read this book anyway.
“I have read a few intuitive eating books over the years. I was familiar with many of the concepts presented in the earlier chapters—diet culture, colonialist roots, sexist roots, whiteness, etc. but I loved how it was presented in this book. And although my mind was aware of the soul-crushing effect dieting was having on me, my heart was not ready to give up on diet culture, until now.”

Terri Jo

Goodreads Reviewer
5 Stars

“This book is incredible! It is packed with tons of information about how to find food freedom and body liberation. She discusses how to develop a critical awareness about the societal systems at play that make it so much harder to foster body trust and how to heal from that learned mistrust of our bodies. It is also written in an extremely accessible, conversational tone that makes it feel more like you're talking with a friend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”


Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

About diet culture but really so much more!
“This book is a fantastic guide for anyone looking to ‘break up’ with diet culture, but it can also be of use to anyone looking to reclaim their power and become in touch with themselves again. I particularly loved the emphasis on how the absence of dieting can impact a person and appreciated the numerous practical suggestions for learning to cope without the numbing or distracting nature of dieting. This book goes beyond intuitive eating and touches on topics such as mindfulness, coping skills, finding our values, and setting boundaries. It really had more to offer than I was anticipating and found it really reader-friendly and empowering. Highly recommend!”


Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

Freedom from diets
“Absolutely fantastic book. I am 56 yrs old and have been in diet trauma since I was 16. I have been trying to let go of dieting for many years. Nothing I have ever read has given me this hope, there is such compassion entwined in every word. I feel that I am on a new adventure, to really be myself, I never imagined I would feel this way, at my age. This is a life changing book, if you ever struggled with food, weight, body image this book is for you.”


Amazon UK Reviewer
5 Stars

A fresh approach to eating!
“Alissa writes in an easy-to-read style. She breaks down how our culture has become diet and shape conscious and calls our attention to the ways we have “bought in” to it and used it both with ourselves and those we interact with. She calls into question our beliefs about food and helps us to recognize and change our behaviors around food. A must read if you are ready to stop the yo-yo dieting and learn how to trust yourself.”

Dawn A.H.

Amazon Reviewer

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