You don't have to apologize for

what you eat,how you look,who you are,your body,your identity,ANYTHING.

We start with unapologetic eating - but really, this is about you living your most authentic, unapologetic life.

Hi there,

I’m Alissa Rumsey, RD.

I’m a food and body liberation coach, the author of Unapologetic Eating, and founder of The Liberated Body Program.

I help people get free of the shame and pain of chronic dieting so they can live their most unapologetic, liberated lives.

Alissa Rumsey, Online Intuitive Eating Coaching
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Unapologetic Eating

I wrote this book to encourage you to think outside of the arbitrary boxes that society has put you in so that you can find - and trust - who you really are deep inside.

Using food as the entry point, my book helps you explore more about yourself, your beliefs, your values, and what you truly want out of life so that you can find freedom and liberation, unapologetically.

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"Unapologetic Eating is going to help you honor your inner wisdom and find freedom. If you are sick of the exhausting diet cycle, read this book!“

Caroline Dooner

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“This book delivers way more than it promises: it’s actually a guide to life and liberation, one bite at a time.”

Kelly Diels

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“A must-read for anyone who is feeling trapped in diet culture and wanting to live a better and more fulfilling life – on their own terms.”

Jessica Jones


Here’s how we can

work together:

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“Alissa changed my life. It’s amazing the amount of space and time that has now opened up in my life now that I’m no longer obsessing over what to eat, how much to eat and whether I have exercised ‘enough’.”


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“Alissa helped me through some difficult times in the process and handled my fears, questions, and uncertainties with words of wisdom and no judgment. I loved the way we navigated every step of the process together."


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“I read so many books on intuitive eating, emotional eating, and mindful eating, but I still couldn’t figure out how to make any of it work in my actual daily life. Working with Alissa was truly a transformative experience. Alissa is extremely compassionate and knows exactly what questions to ask and how to gently push you in the direction of slow, steady progress.”


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“For the first time in my life, I’m eating what I want to eat and not binging. For the first time in my life, I am working out because of how it makes my body feel. For the first time in my life, I’m not angry at myself when I go to bed. For the first time in my life, I am a nice person to myself! I owe so much of that to Alissa.”


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“Working with Alissa was the best decision I could have made for myself and for my future. It has allowed me to truly enjoy life and focus on other things beside body size and food. I no longer binge eat, I have better self-confidence and internal body awareness, and my stress levels are significantly lower.”


A few more ways

I can help:

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Get Free From Dieting

Ready to leave dieting behind? Download my 5-Step Guide to Getting Started with Intuitive Eating, the Unapologetic Way to learn how to reconnect with your body, incorporate the principles of intuitive eating, and get free from dieting, forever.

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Change Your Relationship with Exercise

Movement doesn't have to be punishing or something to dread; it can be joyous and something to look forward to. Get inspired by my Body Positive Fitness Resource, a list of tips, apps, personal trainers, and online fitness classes that are NOT full of shame-y diet-talk.

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Actually, Eating Can Be Easy

(and Pleasurable)

When we stop being bossed around by diet culture, we often don’t know what to eat. My Gentle Nutrition Cookbook is full of delicious recipes and prompts that can help you reclaim the joy of cooking (and eating), unapologetically.

You don’t have to take up less space to be loved and respected

And the truth is, the more time we spend trying to fix ourselves, the less time we have for our dreams, our relationships, our careers, and our lives.
You are not broken.You deserve to feel worthy in your body.You’re allowed to eat.You’re allowed to be you.Right now, and always.

Let’s live unapologetically.

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