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Struggling to Find Balance?

I help people who are frustrated with dieting change their relationship with food and say goodbye to diets once and for all. I teach you how to rediscover the joy of eating, learn to honor your hunger and fullness cues, and trust yourself around food again. Through guided nutrition coaching, intuitive and mindful eating behaviors, personalized meal planning, and weekly support you’ll develop long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits, no deprivation required.

How It Works

Online Nutrition Coaching

Step 1: Get In Touch

Get started with a free phone consultation, where we’ll talk more about your challenges, your health and nutrition goals, and what I can do to help you. Together we will decide which of my programs is right for you.

Initial Session

Step 2: Initial Session

In our first session, we’ll spend an hour together talking about your health and nutrition history, your needs and your goals. Together we will develop an action plan to help you reach both your short term and long term goals.

Ongoing Support

Step 3: Ongoing Support

Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight. We will meet on a regular basis to work on your action plan and goals, step by step. I’ll be there for ongoing support and accountability as you make sustainable nutrition and health changes.

What people are saying:

“Best thing,  I don’t feel like depriving myself,  having to eat in a way that I can only do for a limited period of time, or having to count calories, nutrients. Frankly, I feel my focus shifted to eating more: e.g., what healthy fats or proteins I can add to meals to make sure that I don’t have to feel hungry.”

—Sarah M.
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“As someone who likes to eat out and is frequently on the go, I knew I needed help figuring out how to navigate my eating around my busy lifestyle. Alissa was perfect for this! With her guidance, I was able to develop a customized eating plan that was specifically designed to meet my needs.  She is the perfect coach and balances encouragement with accountability.”

—Michelle H., Connecticut
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Meet Alissa

As a busy New Yorker and lover of all things food, I know how difficult it can be to find a balance between health, work, family, and your social life. My mission is to help people overcome their obstacles to develop sustainable lifestyle habits and rediscover the joy of eating, without guilt, shame, or deprivation.

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