Free Resources

Below you’ll find some of my favorite free resources for furthering your knowledge and supporting a journey of unapologetic eating and living.

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5-Step Guide to Getting Started with Intuitive Eating,

the Unapologetic Way

Learn how to reconnect with your body, incorporate the principles of intuitive eating, and get free from dieting, forever.

Gentle Nutrition Cookbook

A mini-cookbook with 7 delicious recipes alongside prompts to help you reclaim the joy of cooking (and eating), unapologetically.
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Body Positive

Fitness Resources

A comprehensive list of exercise tips, apps, personal trainers, and online fitness classes that are not full of shame-y diet-talk.

Some of My Favorite

Instagram Accounts

Following social media accounts that feature a diverse range of body shapes and sizes will help you begin to widen the definition of what a “normal” body is. The more you see images of people that feature fat bodies, hairy bodies, saggy bodies, bodies with stretch marks and acne, belly rolls and cellulite, the more you begin to realize that all this is normal. We are all normal.

Make a conscious effort to add these images of reality by including better representation in any media you are consuming. Below is a selection of my favorite food and body liberation-related Instagram accounts. You can find a full list here.

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