CHRISTINE TÉLLEZWhen I first began my journey as a dietitian, I never knew that there were possibilities beyond what I learned in school, which focused on weight loss and individual changes. My first job as a dietitian was working at a university with college students, and this is when I first delved into the world of eating disorder treatment. I listened to students telling me about their “healthy eating habits” that quickly spiraled into food and body obsession and took over their lives. I realized that I needed to change not just the way I practiced as a dietitian, but also examine my own relationship to food and my body.

After my dietitian crisis, I began to explore other alternatives. I completed Intuitive Eating training with Evelyn Tribole, started following non-diet and anti-diet dietitians on social media and learned about the Health at Every Size approach. With ongoing training and supervision, I was able to start doing work that helped my clients heal from their eating disorder/disordered eating and improve their relationship with food. Instead of focusing on calories and super foods, I now help clients relax around food and approach eating from a place of connection to others and to culture.

My approach to the work I do with my clients is to foster a collaborative and supportive relationship. I will challenge you and stay in the discomfort that may come up in sessions. I also work from an anti-oppression, anti-racist and queer feminist lens, and think that body liberation is only possible when we are living in a just world.

Growing up as a Cuban and Nicaraguan daughter of immigrants, I know firsthand how inaccessible working with a dietitian can be—whether because of money, language, or just not finding anyone that can relate to your lived experience. I am fluent in Spanish and passionate about working to increase access to care for all who need it.

Professional bio:

Christine Téllez MS, RD, LDN is a bilingual dietitian based in Miami, Florida. Christine specializes in eating disorder recovery, GI issues such as IBS and IBD, and PCOS. She is particularly interested in the brain-gut connection and the relationship with disordered eating. Christine practices from a non-diet and fat positive lens, and helps her clients heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

In addition to her work with at Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness, Christine also works part-time at the Miami VA Medical Center as an outpatient dietitian. In 2019, Christine helped to establish an Eating Disorder treatment program for Veterans struggling with eating disorders as previously, there were limited options for treatment in the community.

Christine earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and English from Simmons College and her Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University. She is a mom of 2 and in her free time enjoys reading, going to the beach, and exploring Miami.