You don't have to apologize for

what you eat,how you look,who you are,your body,your identity,ANYTHING.

We start with unapologetic eating - but really, this is about you living your most authentic, unapologetic life.

I’m Alissa Rumsey, RD.

I’m a food and body liberation coach, the author of Unapologetic Eating, and founder of The Liberated Body Program.

I help people get free of the shame and pain of chronic dieting so they can live their most unapologetic, liberated lives.

Alissa Rumsey, Online Intuitive Eating Coaching

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Are you ready to get free from dieting? 

5 Step Guide to Get Started with Intuitive Eating, the Unapologetic Way

Download this free 5-step guide to help you break free from diet mentality, reconnect to your body cues and build back body trust.

Are you ready to get free from dieting?

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Download my free guide:

5 Steps to Get Started with Intuitive Eating, the Unapologetic Way

Movement doesn't have to be punishing

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Body Positive Fitness Resource

A list of tips, apps, personal trainers, and online fitness classes that are NOT full of shame-y diet-talk.

Actually, Eating Can Be Easy
(and Pleasurable)

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Gentle Nutrition Cookbook

Full of delicious recipes and prompts that can help you reclaim the joy of cooking (and eating), unapologetically.