Scholarship Fund

Helping people experiencing financial hardship access nutrition therapy.

Donate to our Scholarship fund

Every dollar donated helps us to provide access to nutrition therapy to people experiencing financial hardship.

Did you know that there are over 30 million people in America with an eating disorder – and less than 20% of them receive treatment because of systemic and financial barriers? 

Your donation allows us to provide care to a broader range of people including those who can not access the care that they need and deserve. 

We are so grateful for any amount that you are able to donate. All donations go towards supporting our mission of inclusive, equitable care by providing free and reduced-rate nutrition therapy services. 

Thank you for helping us increase access to care.

Scholarship Eligibility

Anyone is able to apply for financial assistance and people with multiple marginalized identities and those experiencing the greatest financial hardship are prioritized. 

If you or someone you know needs financial assistance, we invite you to review our application considerations and fill out an application.


Please email if you have any questions.