The Liberated Body

Your body doesn’t have to be smaller

Your biggest, most beautiful life is waiting for you

Come and get free with us.

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The Liberated Body

is a nine-month group program for women* who want to get free from dieting, body shame, and the negative social conditioning that holds you back so that you can live your biggest, most beautiful life -



I’m Alissa Rumsey.

I’m a dietitian, nutrition therapist, intuitive eating counselor, and a food and body liberation coach

I want to help you get free of the shame and pain of chronic dieting, and the constraints that have been put on you by society, so you can be more of who you truly are.

Magnificent. Embodied. Glorious. Irreplaceable. Unapologetic. Free. Liberated. 

I believe that every body is worthy and that the reason so many of us doubt that about ourselves has nothing to do with us and EVERYTHING to do with the cruel, hostile culture we’ve been born into and have to navigate.


*By women, I mean all people who have been socialized as girls and women and subject to misogyny, including cisgender women, transgender women, feminized bodies, and gender-nonconforming bodies.
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We live in a racist, misogynist, individualistic culture that thrives by making us feel like we are the problem. Like something is wrong with our bodies. Like we are not enough (which is a complete and total lie, by the way). So that we then spend so much time, energy, and brainspace worrying about what we eat, what size we are, how we look, what others are thinking of us.

You deserve so much better than that.

I want you living wild and free, present and embodied.

I want you to know what self-trust feels like.

What it feels like to be fully connected - to yourself, and to others. 

To reclaim your body, reconnect to your intuition, and live a life filled with joy, pleasure, purpose, and meaning.

This is about you getting free to live your biggest, most beautiful life - whatever that looks like to you - unapologetically. And change the world while you’re at it.

That’s what The Liberated Body

is all about.

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If you’re tired of feeling like you have to control yourself and your body…

If you’re sick of shrinking your body, your mind, your spirit…

If you value authenticity, connection, compassion, self and communal care, and joy -- but you struggle to prioritize yourself and fully embody those values…

If you have been doing all of the things but still feel a sense of disconnection between what your life looks like (all good) and how you feel (not so great)...

The Liberated Body is for you.

Enrollment for the fall cohort is closed.

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Note: If you'd like to chat more about the program and figure out if it's a good fit for you, please click here to schedule a free discovery call. 

Let’s heal your relationship to food, movement, and your body.Let’s reconnect to your deep, inherent inner wisdom.Let’s unlearn the stigma and oppression you should never have had to internalize in the first place.

Let’s get you to a place where you cherish
and are able to reclaim

your body and yourself.

The program walks you through my

Unapologetic Living Methodology:

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The Liberated Body includes nine months of unlearning, unpacking, interrogating, deconditioning, truth-seeking, connection, restoration, and personal growth, done both individually and collectively in community with one another.

This program will teach you how to: 
  • Reconnect to your inherent inner wisdom and build back self-trust so you can feed and move and nourish your body in a way that feels positive and supportive.
  • Rethink various societal “norms” around bodies, weight, health, beauty, productivity, and more so you can get to the root of why you feel the way you do about yourself and your body.
  • Enjoy all sorts of foods without guilt or shame so you can use your time and energy for other, more important things.
  • Redefine your worth outside your body, your weight, and your looks 
  • Go from shrinking your body, mind, and spirit to living fully connected, embodied, free, and empowered.
  • Build up coping skills and your ability to process and stay with your emotions, rather than avoiding or numbing out, so the feelings can move through you and you can move forward. 
  • Move from a sense of scarcity with food, movement, pleasure, joy, money, and more, to a sense of richness and abundance.  
  • Honor, respect, and take care of your body so you can live the kind of full, beautiful, meaningful life that you want to. 
  • Stop trying to control or “fix” your body, so you can allow (and trust) yourself to just be.
  • Take up space, set boundaries, and show up for yourself, unapologetically.

As humans, we thrive in community. While working one-on-one with a practitioner is invaluable, over the years I have found that the transformation that occurs when we are in community with one another is incredibly profound. 

The group will include people with similar struggles and goals as you, all who are on the path towards liberation. Together, we will create a safe and brave container from which you are able to learn, grow, shift, change, and get free. 

You’ll be able to share your story, gain self-awareness, practice the skills you are learning, hear from a variety of perspectives, suggestions, and ways of interpreting experiences. All the while getting support from people who truly understand what you are going through.

Plus I’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you to sit in the discomfort that arises and continue moving forward: towards freedom and liberation.

Bodies aren’t a problem.

They’re a miracle. And they’re worthy and lovable and valuable, just as they are, right now. Yours included.

Let’s live into that, right now.

This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re “not enough” or “too much” and you’re ready to fully feel – and believe – that you are enough just as you are
  • You’re exhausted from years spent trying to control or “fix” or shrink your body, and want to be able to just be. 
  • You’re ready to unpack, and interrogate, all the ways in which you were taught to exist and figure out who you are - and what you want - underneath. 
  • You want to heal your relationship to food and get out of the dieting and body shame cycle, so you can focus on the things and people that matter most to you. 
  • You desire a more peaceful, harmonious, connected, intuitive relationship with your body so you can live your life without constantly worrying about changing or shrinking yourself. 
  • You are ready to increase your capacity to do and feel new things, so you can push the boundaries of what you were told it means to live fully and joyfully. 
  • You were socialized as a girl or woman and want support healing from internalized misogyny and gendered beauty standards.
  • You want to do all of the above while sharing, connecting, and collaborating with others who are also on this journey.
I want everybody - and every body - to be supported and cherished and nourished and free. I want you to live life on your terms.

I want you to be free from all of the societal bullshit that was put on you by others

I want you to be liberated.


Here’s how it works:

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Month 1 - REWIRE: Unlearn and Unpack
  • Learn the roots of diet culture; the science behind diets, health and weight; the development of body image; where your inner critic voice comes from; so you can start the process of unlearning and rewiring. 
  • You’ll spend this month diving deeper and being to unpack your why: why do you want to do this work? What has your lived experiences shown you? What healing do you need?
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Month 2 - REWIRE: Unpack and Allow
  • You’ll continue the unpacking and rewiring process this month, starting with a deep dive into your history with food and your body and everything you were taught, starting way back when you were young. 
  • You’ll also get more clear on what health means for you, redefining it in a way that is aligned with your goals, your values, and your life. 
  • Plus we’ll cover boundary setting and how to deal with diet, weight and body talk.
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Month 3 - RECONNECT:
  • In month 3, we go deeper into the process of reconnecting with yourself and your body. You’ll get to practice cultivating more awareness, mindfulness and curiosity, be introduced to several somatic or body-based connection practices, and learn about how trauma can impact your connection to your body. 
  • We’ll spend time figuring out what your body is telling you and retrain your interoception skills in regards to food and eating (hello hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues!) but also in all aspects of taking care of yourself.
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Month 4 - RECONNECT:
  • Now that we’re several months into the process of unlearning, it’s time to start relearning new truths for yourself. In month 4 you will learn how to create an environment of abundance for yourself, both physically and mentally, so you can build back body trust and fully let go of all forms of restriction. 
  • You’ll also spend time working on shifting your language and getting out of the good/bad, all-or-nothing binary so that you can find the nuance, the grey area, and ultimately feel more balanced.
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Month 5 - RECONNECT:
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me...we’ll be channeling your inner Aretha this month as we focus on all forms of body respect. You’ll learn to listen to your body, treat it kindly, appreciate it, and nourish it, continuing to build back trust between you and your body in the process. 
  • We’ll also cover self-compassion, self-care, coping skills, gentle nutrition, intuitive movement, and talk about how to build a community and support system as you continue forward on your food and body liberation journey.
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Month 6 - RECONNECT:
  • A lot of feelings and emotions can come up in this process - perhaps ones that you’ve spent years trying to suppress. In month 6, we’ll hold space for one another as you process your body grief, learn to sit with your feelings and continue to cultivate care practices both individually and collectively.
  • You’ll dig deeper into the self-discovery process, getting clear(er) on who it is you are underneath everything that society has put on you and restoring your connection with your true self, your inner knowing. 
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Month 7 - RECLAIM: Redefine and Regenerate
  • Now that you’ve rewired and reconnected to your inner knowing, you get to redefine what you want your relationship with your body - and your life - to look like. We’ll spend time in month 7 digging into body image work and you’ll figure out what body liberation means to you. 
  • We’ll also start the regeneration process, including somatic practices to help you get IN your body and more connected to your intuition. 
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Month 8 - RECLAIM: Regenerate and Liberate
  • We continue the regeneration process and circle back to boundary setting so that you can learn how to confidently say F YES or NO WAY to people, things, and opportunities. You’ll practice resting (yes, actual naps) and take steps to let go of what doesn’t serve you. 
  • This month we also focus on the broader framework of liberation so you can learn how to take up space (in all of the ways) and work together for collective freedom so you can fully step into and embrace your power.
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Month 9 - RECLAIM: Liberation
  • In the final month you’ll spend time individually and as a group reflecting, integrating, and celebrating the food, body, and life shifts you’ve made over the 9 months. You’ll walk away with a plan on how to move forward and where you’ll go from here.

The Details

(aka here’s what’s included):
  • 3x/month 60-minute group calls that will include: 
    • Coaching
    • Q&A
    • Discussion 
    • Reflection 
    • Community building 
  • Monthly video lessons with accompanying workbooks that cover a different topic each month, walking you through my Unapologetic Living framework
  • 2, 60-minute individual coaching sessions with Alissa (option to add-on more)
  • Access to my self-paced course Unapologetic Eating 101
  • 3-month membership to Leavell Up Fitness, a body-positive, inclusive fitness class community run by Lauren Leavell, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and group fitness instructor. The membership offers access to a variety of live and recorded exercise classes each week. 
  • Monthly guided meditation sessions
  • Signed copy of my book, Unapologetic Eating
  • A group “buddy” to facilitate connection and support outside of the group 
  • A private online community where you’ll be able to ask questions, get support, share your wins, and get to know me and the other group members. 
  • Exclusive workshops and classes with expert guest speakers on topics such as intuitive movement, healing from trauma, art therapy, reclaiming beauty rituals, and more
  • The option to add on additional 1:1 coaching sessions as needed

Total time: 9 months; 27 live group coaching calls; 15+ recorded lessons.


Note: If you'd like to chat more about the program and figure out if it's a good fit for you, please click here to schedule a free discovery call. 

Accessibility &


*Scholarship applications for the fall 2021 cohort are closed. If you are interested in a scholarship for a future cohort, please click here and we will add you to the waitlist.*

If you feel like The Liberated Body would be a good fit for you but finances are an issue, we do offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships. If you have any questions, please email

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Your body doesn’t have to be smaller for your life to be bigger.
Your biggest, most beautiful life is waiting for you.

Come and get free with us in

The Liberated Body.

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The Liberated Body

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