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what is body checking and how do I stop - A person stands with the back of their legs reflected in a mirror with the words How to stop body checking

How to Stop Body Checking

Body checking - the compulsively scrutinizing, monitoring, and/or tracking of your body's weight, size, or shape - can make it ...
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what is set point weight theory - three women wearing pink and maroon workout gear sitting and smiling at each other

How to Find Your Set Point Weight

Learn more about set point theory, the biological mechanisms behind it, how dieting affects your set point, and what to ...
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Why You Don't Have to Lose Weight For Your Wedding

Why You Don’t Have to Lose Weight For Your Wedding

There is so much pressure put on women to look a certain way on their wedding day. So instead of ...
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how to look at photos of yourself and not feel badly

How To Look at Photos of Yourself Without Feeling Like Crap

If you feel stress, anxiety, sadness, or shame when you see photos of yourself, you’re not alone. Read on to ...
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How Do Makeup & Beauty Products Relate to Body Image?

Having a positive body image doesn't mean that you stop caring about your appearance. But what it means is that ...
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What Does “Healthy Body Image” Mean?

Having a healthy or positive body image sounds great in theory, but if you're not 100% clear on what that ...
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