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intuitive eating

mindful eating reflection exercises

38 Intuitive Eating Journal Prompts

Use these intuitive eating journal prompts to gain a better understanding of your relationship with food and your body, your ...
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Why am I not hungry?

Why Am I Not Hungry?

You have started on your intuitive eating journey, but lately, you have been feeling stuck.  You know you are supposed ...
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A photo of a person holding a piece of bread with a sad face drawn on it, with the words what to do if you're hungry but nothing sounds good

What to Do If You’re Hungry But Nothing Sounds Good

Many things can impact your appetite and there are several reasons why you are hungry, but don't feel like eating. ...
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A women with a wide smile is having an ice cream cone with a friend. The image is next to text that reads "Should you eat only when hungry?"

Should You Eat Only When Hungry?

One of the common questions people have as they begin their intuitive eating journey and become more attuned to their ...
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White background with a photo of two bowls of food and the text 'Why do I feel guilty after eating'

How to Stop Feeling Guilty After Eating

Feeling guilt after eating is normalized, but it’s not “normal”. It’s possible not to feel that way and to have ...
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what is body checking and how do I stop - A person stands with the back of their legs reflected in a mirror with the words How to stop body checking

How to Stop Body Checking

Body checking - the compulsively scrutinizing, monitoring, and/or tracking of your body's weight, size, or shape - can make it ...
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