A Free Workshop for Dietitians & Clinicians

How to Improve Your Client Retention (and Your Confidence)

A 90-minute Pre-Recorded Webinar

Approved for 1.5 CEUs for dietitians

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Learn how to keep your clients coming back to see you so you can support real, long-term behavior change and grow a sustainable nutrition practice.

Plus tips on structuring initial and follow-up sessions for best results and examples of effective questions to improve client outcomes.

The Workshop Covers:

  • Reasons clients stop booking appointments
  • 10 actionable ways you can keep your clients coming back
  • Best practices for clients sessions, including discovery calls, initial assessment sessions, and follow-up visits
  • Specific examples of effective questions to ask in session
  • Setting up systems so clients don’t fall off your schedule

You'll get access to the workshop for 1 full year.

Also included in the workshop materials:

  • Discovery call template
  • Initial assessment session template

Pre-approved for 1.5 CEUs for Registered Dietitians by CDR (activity expiration date: 1/30/2026).


Improve Your Client Retention, Boost Your Confidence, and

Grow a Sustainable Nutrition Practice

Meet Your Instructor

Alissa Rumsey dietitian business coach (1)

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS

Hi! I'm Alissa Rumsey (she/her), a registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and the author of Unapologetic Eating. I'm also a business coach and clinical supervisor for other dietitians and clinicians.

I've been a dietitian for over 14 years, and a business owner for the past eight. I am passionate about supporting dietitians and clinicians so that you can confidently start and grow your business, and deepen your counseling skills, while also taking care of yourself.

I started working as a business coach for dietitians and clinicians in 2017 when I founded the Dietitian Entrepreneur Mastermind Retreat, a three-day in-person workshop designed to help nutrition professionals start and grow their businesses. From 2017 to 2020, I hosted over a dozen of these Retreats in New York City, attended by clinicians worldwide.

When the pandemic struck, I took portions of the Retreat online and created the Dietitian Entrepreneur Foundation Course, an online training program that teaches clinicians how to set up and launch their nutrition business.

I also am the founder and lead facilitator of The Liberated Clinician, a group coaching experience for clinicians who want to build a weight-inclusive business from a justice-informed lens, and deepen their counseling skills, while prioritizing taking care of themselves, so that they can confidently show up for their clients.

I love to work with other health professionals so that we can challenge the 'status quo' in nutrition care and in business. Let's reframe what is possible as clinicians – and do it together.