Do you want to start or grow your nutrition business?

I’m passionate about helping dietitians and clinicians confidently start, grow and scale their businesses in a way that aligns with your strengths, your values, and what you want out of your life.

A few things

I can help you with:

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Figure out who the heck your ideal client is

Honing in on your ideal client helps you create products and services that are needed, write better copy and focus your time and energy when it comes to marketing. This worksheet walks you through a variety of prompts to help you get super clear on your ideal client.

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Offer a free discovery call to potential clients

This template walks you through exactly how I structure my complimentary client discovery call including specific questions to ask and language around how to invite the potential client into your practice at the end in a way that feels natural and authentic. 

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Use my new client initial nutrition assessment form

This is the assessment form that I use for my client’s first appointment, developed over years of client-facing work. You get an editable version that you can download and use immediately. This form was developed specifically for weight-inclusive health professionals and can be modified as needed. 

Build The Business You’ve Been Dreaming Of

My online, self-paced Dietitian Entrepreneur Foundation Course walks you through the exact foundational steps you need to take to set up and confidently launch your business.
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I've been working with dietitian entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for years. A consistent theme: feeling overwhelmed, lost, stuck, and wanting to know how to "do it right". I want to help shorten your learning curve and increase your confidence so that you can start your business now. I created this Foundation Course so that you can take immediate action in setting up and launching your own business.

What’s included:
8 modules that walk you through the exact steps to getting your business off the ground. Designed to increase your knowledge and confidence.
7 workbooks with over 30 worksheets to help you brainstorm, plan and take actionable steps.
Over 25 templates, infosheets, and practical resources, editable and ready for you to use right away.
28 CEU's available for Registered Dietitians (including 1 CEU Ethics Credit)
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"I enrolled in the Foundation Course because I was beginning my private practice and didn't know where to start or what to do. The Foundation Course took me step by step through everything I needed in order to start my business! The course provided all forms I needed so that I had a clear direction to go when new clients signed up. As I implemented what I learned in the Foundation Course, I got 4 new clients within my first 3 months! I would recommend this to any new dietitians looking to build their dream career in private practice, especially those who just came out of the internship with no clear guidance."

- Tiffany Ong, RDN, CDN.

Founder, Tiffany Ong Nutrition
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Here's what the

course covers:

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-01
Module 1: Niching Down and Getting Clear on Who You’re Helping.

In this module you will hone in on your niche, identify your ideal client or customer, clarify your “why”, learn how to do market research, and come up with an ideal client avatar that will inform the rest of your business-building

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Module 2: The Foundational Steps to Set Up Your Business.

 Here we’ll cover everything from picking a business structure and naming your business to how to accept payments, record keeping systems, and more.

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-03
Module 3: Going Virtual: Telehealth and Building an Online Business.

In this module you’ll learn what virtual business opportunities available to you abd how to choose a video conferencing system. Plus we’ll cover telehealth legalities and state regulations.

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-04
Module 4: Four Steps to Creating an Effective Brand.

Module 4 is all about branding: whether you’re DIY’ing it or hiring out (I’ve included recommendations for this too!), this module will help you figure out a clear, cohesive, consistent brand including messaging, colors, fonts, logos, and more.  

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-05
Module 5: Website Building Strategies and Best Practices.

You’ll learn about all the factors to consider when building your website: DIY or hire out? How to find a website designer? Website must-haves vs nice-to-haves? Plus a primer on SEO (search engine optimization) and more website dos/don’ts to watch for.

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-06
Module 6: Crafting Your Offer and Setting Your Rates.

Here we get into the nitty gritty: what services you are offering. You’ll learn the pros and cons of a la carte sessions versus packages, what services you can offer outside of 1:1 client work and how to write sales pages and confidently sell your services. Plus I cover pricing models, what to consider when setting your rates (including 1:1 coaching, groups, consulting, project fees, and more) and when to raise your rates. 

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-07
Module 7: Getting Started with Marketing: Find Your First Clients.

Now that your business is “official”, and you know your ideal client, what you’re offering to them, and how much you’re charging, it’s time to get those first clients! This module includes an overview of different marketing tactics, a discussion on how to choose the best ones for you and your business, tips for content marketing, and how to use the power of your networ

Dieticians and Clinicians Module Icons V01-08
BONUS Module:

Mindset Work, Goal Setting, and Time Management.

You’ll have access to the course material for two full years from the time you purchase it, including any course updates that are made during that time.

The course is self-paced, so you can go through the material as quickly or as slowly as you need to.

While it varies person-to-person, generally each module takes between two and four hours to complete, including watching the video presentations and completing the workbooks. 

Enroll Now - $297

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"When I signed up for the Foundation Course, I had a few pieces in place but needed more direction in starting my own business. The course provided a structured path to follow to start a business. I liked that all the modules were broken up into small, manageable chucks so I could go through and make plans for my own business as I was doing each section. The modules on marketing and pricing were so helpful - I was able to figure out exactly who my avatar was and I have a much clearer direction to improve my website. All the forms and resources Alissa provided were really useful as well and I’ve been referring back to the notes and information provided throughout the past year to keep me on track. I recommend this to any dietitian who wants to start their own business."

- Sherri Pearson, MS, RD, LN.

Founder, Wellness Reimagined
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"I have been in private practice for 10 years. I stumbled into it immediately after my internship while also working other RD jobs (one in clinical nutrition and another in wellness).  Due to my lack of focus I made all the mistakes.  In 2020 I found myself completely overwhelmed.  I have 4 small children under the age of 7.  I had heard Alissa speak at FNCE - she was encouraging private practice owners to niche.  I hated the idea and ignored it for several years.  I took this course to step back from my business, finally establish my niche, rebrand, and make my practice something that is sustainable for me and my family.  So I can help my ideal client while not pulling precious time from my family.  I am taking this next 6 months to slowly implement what Alissa taught.  I may not be the typical attendee that Alissa thought when creating this course but I found this course extremely beneficial and I am excited for the future of my practice."

- Andrea Kendrick, RD, LDN, CLT.

Owner of Andrea Kendrick, RD, LLC and Associates.
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Nutrition Entrepreneur Starter Pack

The Nutrition Entrepreneur Starter Kit includes downloadable, editable essentials for starting, developing and growing a nutrition business.
  • Client intake forms
  • Cancellation and payment policy examples
  • Superbill templates
  • Expense tracking spreadsheet
  • Sample consulting contracts
  • HIPAA documentation forms
  • and more!
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It includes a Google Drive folder full of done-for-you templates, client forms, contracts, etc. – all available for you to download, edit, and use. Simply add your logo and contact information and they are ready to use for your business. You will receive templates, worksheets, spreadsheets, sample contracts, client forms, online resources, and more - $97

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